Top coach says Roos lacked the ‘courage’ and ‘strength’ to back Noble

After parting ways with David Noble earlier this week after a disastrous start to the 2022 season, North Melbourne have been accused of lacking the ‘courage’ needed to back their man through a rebuild.

That’s the opinion of four-time Premier Coach David Parkin, who believes the former mentor has been treated unfairly and “mauled” by the media.

Noble lasted less than two seasons on Arden Street. Despite some improved performances in the second half of 2021 that suggested they would take the next step, the Kangaroos languish last on the ladder with just one win to their name three-quarters of the season.

Although Parkin admits to having a close relationship with Noble, he suggested that North should have seen this difficult time coming and should have been supportive of his man.

“I have to be a little careful here, but I have a very close relationship with David,” Parkin said. Whateley from SEN.

“I worked with him when he was back at the Bulldogs and certainly when he was in Adelaide and then when he went to Brisbane, so that’s a skewed view of a journeyman and a very good quality (nobody).

“I just think North lacked both the foresight and the strength to allow the time needed to turn this club around.

“I don’t think it’s in a great position in terms of the coach supporting the players, it might be an ignorant view, maybe I’m way off, but that was my view.”

At the press conference where it was announced that Noble would be stepping down, the 55-year-old reiterated his desire to get back into the industry in time.

“I admit we’re not quite there yet in North Melbourne, but I feel like I have unfinished business in the industry. I step away from the game for a while, reflect, refresh myself and look forward to the next challenge,” he said.

He joined North after a well-regarded stint as Brisbane director of football at a time when they came back through the ranks.

It came after successful spells with the Bulldogs and Crows, and Parkin agrees Noble has the footy brains to be an asset to footy clubs.

“I was just very sad in a short time to see someone of this quality being maimed on the public stage like he was,” Parkin continued.

“Hopefully he hasn’t lost the game, I think he’s been such a good contributor over the last 25-30 years, someone will be smart enough to pick him up and say, ‘we’ve need this man in our organization, he will do the best’.

“I’m disappointed I’m not inside North Melbourne Football Club and I don’t understand the mechanics that have gone on here but for me I think they’ve lacked a bit of foresight and courage if you like to continue. to get the on-the-ground support he needed.

Noble has managed just five wins from his 38 games in charge at North Melbourne.

Leigh Adams was handed the coaching reins for the remainder of the season, however Chief Sports Journalist SEN Sam Edmund said on Saturday morning that principal assistant John Blakey was unhappy to have been overlooked for the role.

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