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Currently, only less than 1000 private buses and a few hundred KSRTC buses operate in the region.

The Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority (UMTA) is conducting a demand assessment survey as part of the rationalization of bus routes in the Greater Cochin region. The investigation consists of identifying the demands of the passengers, before implementing the rationalization.

The survey is funded by the French development agency AFD and should be completed in two months. For this, 40 surveyors equipped with portable tablet computers will be deployed to various destinations such as bus stops in the Grand Cochin region.

UMTA has already identified some avenues for rationalization. But the survey is being conducted to understand the demands, preferences and needs of passengers. “The survey will look at various aspects, including peak times, the daily route, the number of buses traveling on a particular route at a particular time and the category of travelers – students or otherwise. The agency will submit the survey results and we can use them for transportation planning, ”said UMTA Director General Shanavas S.

According to the standard of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), 1000 buses are needed for 10 lakhs in urban areas. By best practice, the Greater Cochin region, which has a population of 21 lakh, will require 2,100 buses.

Currently, only less than 1000 private buses and a few hundred KSRTC buses operate in the region. He calls for increasing the availability of buses, ensuring bus service as per public demand and ensuring that passengers get bus timetables at their fingertips.

“We need to create a demand for public transport among the public. For that, we need to identify what their demands are. The investigation will help us identify this, ”a source told UMTA. Surveyors will visit various locations along the route and interact with passengers to find out their needs.

The Survey is carried out jointly by SYSTRA France and SYSTRA India. The results of the survey will be compiled using the application of the French company Jungle Bus. Passenger responses will be uploaded to the onsite app and instantly reach the server.

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“So far, more than 750 buses have been registered, of which around 550 will be put into service under Paryawaran Sewa from Monday on different routes. These buses will increase public transport by increasing the frequency on various routes with heavy load. of passengers, “said transport department officer said.

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