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China and our competitors are spending billions to support state-owned companies and invest in research and development, monetize our ideas and use them to compete with American companies, while paying their workers less and giving them fewer rights.

I want the technologies that will drive the next generation of manufacturing – from semiconductors to hydrogen buses to next-generation jet engines – to be developed in Ohio and built by people in Ohio.

In 2014, I worked with Republican Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri and the Obama administration to pass the Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act.

This historic bill created a nationwide network of advanced manufacturing centers and was one of the most important steps we have taken as a country in a long time to make our manufacturing industry more competitive. America Makes in Youngstown started as a pilot program in 2012 and has become the network’s first hub.

This year, Senator Blunt and I presented a follow-up to our successful bill, and this week it was included as part of the bipartisan Endless Borders Act – a law that would make our a more competitive country compared to China and the rest of the world, and this is now heading towards the Senate floor. Our provision would expand the success of our original legislation and create 15 more advanced manufacturing centers across the country.

It would also promote more direct collaboration with institutions serving minorities – including HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) – it would integrate the Manufacturing Extension Program (MEP) with these clusters, so that small and medium-sized manufacturers can participate better. , and it would create a workers’ advisory council, to better bring together manufacturing companies and the workers who make them successful.

When we channel American ingenuity – and American resources – towards innovation and American workers, we can outperform anyone. This is what we are working together on this bill, and hopefully we can get this bipartisan plan forward to the Senate and the President’s office soon.

Sherrod Brown is a Democrat and the leading United States Senator representing Ohio. His office can be reached at 212-224-2315.


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