Volgren builds on its manufacturing ecosystem with new jobs

In Victoria, leading bus coachbuilder Volgren will create 50 new jobs and 16 internships at its South Dandenong plant as it builds zero and low emission buses for new metro bus franchise operator Kinetic.

“Over the past four decades, Volgren has become part of a large and thriving South East Melbourne manufacturing ecosystem, and we plan to build on this by investing in job creation and programs for them. apprentices and internships, ”said Thiago Deiro, CEO of Volgren.

“The metro bus franchise gives a clear indication of new bus requirements and provides certainty for job creation focused on next-generation clean-tech vehicles. “

Volgren builds electric buses in Victoria using around 100 Australian suppliers, with almost 90% local production for bodywork. The company will have the franchise’s first electric buses on the production line in January.

For every new bus built, around 1.5 employees are retained at Volgren and 3.5 employees in the Victoria supply chain.

The new bus franchise, Kinetic, will replace 341 of the 537 buses in the current fleet with zero or low emission vehicles over 9.5 years from February next year.

“With the new metro bus franchise, we are tackling transportation emissions head-on while creating jobs and supporting our manufacturing expertise in emerging technologies,” said Victorian Minister of Public Transport Ben Carroll.

“It will be great to see electric buses start rolling off the Volgren production line early next year, which will kick off a program to replace diesel buses with zero and low emission vehicles. “

Kinetic will bring 36 fully electric buses to the network by mid-2025, including five by June of next year, kicking off the Victorian government’s commitment to have all new public transport buses zero. issue from 2025.

“This project creates employment opportunities for our community with over 60 jobs and a number of internships in the new facility,” said Dandenong member Gabrielle Williams.

“This project represents another step towards achieving zero emissions. “

Victoria’s first permanent electric bus, built by Volgren, recently arrived on the network and is operated by Ventura on six routes from its Ivanhoe bus depot. Destinations include Gowrie Station, Northland Shopping Center, and La Trobe University.

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