Wiltfong raves about recruiting new Oregon staff

Oregon has gone from one elite recruiting staff to another in the eyes of 247Sports director of recruiting Steve Wiltfong. When Dan Lanning was hired to replace Mario Cristobal in December, he went on the hunt to recruit heavyweights. By Wiltfong, that is exactly what he achieved.

Not only has Lanning surrounded himself with some of the best recruiting coaches in the country, but Lanning himself is also an ace on the track. Wiltfong does not believe that a step back will be taken from Cristobal to Lanning in terms of recruiting head coaches.

“I don’t think there is any drop stopped in head coach recruiter of mario at Lanning,” he explained on Friday’s episode of Autzen Audibles podcast.They have different personalities, but, Coach Lanning is a tremendous recruiter and assistance Georgia to build this program in a national Title winner. He take this very serious.

Oregon’s Class of 2023 has just nine commitments to open July. However, six of them are four-star prospects and the Ducks are in good shape for plenty of other top rookies.

While Lanning must be credited in part for the early success on the track, his people were just as crucial. Wiltfong thinks the team coordinators Kenny Dillingham and Tosh Lupoi are close to the best in the nation as scouts and also see similar traits in many of the program’s position coaches.

Kenny Dillingham is one of the best relationship builders in the country. I’d be surprised if there’s a lot of coaches who spend more time on the phone or FaceTime or whatever talking to rookies than Coach Dillingham,” Wiltfong said of the Oregon offensive coordinator. . “Obviously, Tosh Lupoi was considered one of the best recruiters of his time.

“You’re not going to find a better offensive line scout than Adrian Klemm. There are some that are just as good but that’s a short list. He does a terrific job. Junior Adams is another that builds meaningful relationships at the receiving end and you’re already starting to see the results there. Coach Meat, Demetrice Martin, his reputation is huge, too. He recruited great players throughout his career. Drew Mehringer he did a great job in Texas, in my opinion, recruiting talented receivers and players when he was with the Longhorns.

“I know I haven’t mentioned all the staff, but I’ve mentioned the guys I know best. That’s not to say the other guys aren’t great recruiters either. I don’t know just not their personalities as well.”

Oregon also brought Marshal Malchow as the program’s new chief of staff. Malchow previously helped Texas A&M lead the nation’s top recruiting class a year ago in a similar role and will be a focal point of Oregon’s recruiting.

“Oregon went out and hired Marshal Malchow to run the recruiting department, and there’s no more shrewd organized guy in the industry than him,” Wiltfong explained. “He’s one of the top two or three at what he does. He is part of the elite. He’s a trendsetter. He is very organized. He has the respect of the coaches. He’s as versatile and an off-field recruiter as there is in America.

“It was a major blow for Coach Lanning to get him out of Texas A&M. These guys have great chemistry since working together.”

YesYou can listen to the full 18-minute conversation below.

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