ZEEKR: Geely’s exciting electric vehicle brand hits Chinese roads

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In October last year, in a special ceremony at ZEEKR’s smart factory in Ningbo, China, the first production-ready ZEEKR 001 rolled off the production line for the world to see. .

However, ZEEKR is not just another brand in Geely’s extensive portfolio, which includes Volvo, Polestar and Lotus.

Speaking to Auto Futures, a spokesperson for the company said: “While ZEEKR shares the group’s core Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA), it develops its own battery technologies, battery management systems, electric motor and electric vehicle supply chain support. All of these developments are shared within the group and ZEEKR plays a key role in refining the technology in building state-of-the-art premium electric vehicles.

ZEEKR is focused on creating an ecosystem covering all end-user requirements, with innovation as the standard approach in terms of sales and service. At this time the functionality to provide Over-the-Air (OTA) updates to further improve the ZEEKR Assisted Drive (ZAD) system, where the car will continue to update to adapt to the latest software technologies and provide users with the best. mobility experience in the future. This is an intelligent vehicle in its most authentic form and the company is ready to explore new avenues for its innovative direct-to-consumer approach.

Since its unveiling in April 2021, just before the Shanghai Auto Show, the ZEEKR 001 has generated a lot of excitement in China.

“In February 2022 and less than a year after ZEEKR unveiled its all-electric 001 model at the Shanghai Auto Show and less than four months after production began at the all-new smart factory, we have already delivered 10,000 units to customers in more than 150+ cities across China. The capacity of the ZEEKR Smart Factory, one of the world’s most advanced vehicle facilities, is now expanding to meet the unprecedented demand for the 001. We will continue to prioritize local market customers in China as production and deliveries are ramping up ahead of its planned global rollout. -from 2023,” the spokesperson said.

ZEEKR 001 can create 400 kW of power and 768 Nm of torque through a twin motor system. This allows it to reach 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds. It was built on the sustainable electrical architecture (SEA) of Geely Holding Group, itself resulting from a sharing of technology between the different brands of the group.

Geely has always maintained that the sharing of developments between its various brands is essential and ensures that all of its products benefit from the most advanced cutting-edge technology. With ZEEKR 001 we can see some of the benefits of this collaboration.

A smart factory for a smart car

Geely’s ZEEKR Smart Factory, based in Ningbo, about 100 miles south of Shanghai, boasts of being one of the most advanced vehicle facilities created to date using a 5G+ system that enables agile and transparent production.

In practice, this means that functions such as welding are fully automated, with over 300 robots doing the work with limited human intervention. The 5G+ system ensures that production is planned, tracked and controlled in a completely transparent way.

If necessary, the plant also corrects itself. The production process defined by ZEEKR allows continuous self-optimization. The welding production line, for example, adopts monitoring systems such as visual glue application guidance, to continuously improve the welding process.

Work together

ZEEKR recently announced some collaborations with self-driving companies Waymo and Mobileye.

“We are collaborating with Waymo on the development of a new purely electric utility vehicle to be deployed in the Waymo One autonomous vehicle fleet in the United States,” explained the Geely spokesperson.

“As part of this collaboration, ZEEKR will design and develop the future vehicle on a new proprietary and open source mobility architecture. The new purpose-built mobility vehicle is designed and developed at ZEEKR’s R&D center, CEVT (China Europe Vehicle Technology Centre) in Gothenburg, Sweden. Waymo will take delivery of the vehicles in the United States and then integrate its fully autonomous Waymo Driver into the vehicle platform. With Mobileye, the partnership explores expanding the strategic goal of delivering the world’s first consumer autonomous vehicles with L4 capabilities by 2024, which will include the development of advanced ADAS in addition to collaboration with technologies such as REM, Mobileye’s mapping technology.

Refill Zeekr 001

“ZEEKR is a brand new forward-looking brand. The future of mobility is exciting, not only are we fully focused on bringing excellent, premium all-electric mobility products to market for today’s customers, but we are extremely excited about the prospects for the future mobility of tomorrow, as evidenced by our collaborations with both Waymo and Mobileye, it is clear that the future of mobility is where cyclists come first, and the comfort of travel is paramount in a world of autonomous technology growing.

For any company that manufactures electric vehicles, range anxiety is an obstacle that absolutely must be tackled head-on for the good of the consumer. ZEEKR is no different.

The company’s 100 kWh Z Battery can recharge from 10% to 80% in 30 minutes and has a range of 712 km, based on the NEDC cycle used in China. ZEEKR customers will be able to experience the company’s charging stations in most major cities across the country.

Its plan was to open 360kW super-fast charging stations in 10 cities by the end of last year. Additionally, ZEEKR has also included third-party charging stations in 211 cities to provide a hassle-free and seamless charging experience for all of its users, so that its customers can have peace of mind and the comfort of knowing that the product itself even has an exceptional range. and a dedicated network is in place to assist drivers across China.

After the ZEEKR 001, the company plans to launch six different models on the market over the next five years. And that’s not all. ZEEKR will continue its gradual ramp-up of production in China before introducing the 001 to European markets next year. Previous announcements also indicate that North America is next on the list.

It will be interesting to see how the world takes ownership of the car that China has welcomed with open arms.

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